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LightSNiP Assays On Demand

Melting-curve analysis is the most powerful tool for SNP typing – learn more about our cost effective LightSNiP assays using the patented SimpleProbe technology.


The melting curve analysis detects any variation covered by the probe, giving certain advantages over competing technologies. Multiple variations yield often specific melting points, allowing to differentiate between more than two variants. Specifically 'new' and unexpected genetic variants may be overseen using a mutation-specific TaqMan assay.

We produce LightSNiP assays for any human SNP which is listed in the dbSNP in the NCBI Genbank (based on the rs number). LightSNiP assays contain pre-mixed primers and probes for 96 reactions each 20 µl, an instructions to use and sample data obtained with the LightCycler® 480 system; LightSNiP assays do not contain standards (positive controls).