LightCycler® Instruments

The capillary based LightCycler® Instruments from Roche Diagnostics are the fastest thermocyclers with online monitoring of DNA amplification. The system works with heated air, allowing rapid ramping – 30 cycles can be performed in 20 minutes.

The LightCycler® Real-Time PCR thermocyclers detect fluorescence in up to six seperate channels. For quantification the growing PCR product is monitored using a DNA-binding dye, or with TaqMan or Hybridization Probes.

Some of the major advantages of Real-Time detection are the direct quantification of the target and, by avoiding post – PCR handling, a minimal contamination risk with PCR products.


The LightCycler® Instruments melting curve analysis allows the accurate detection of single base mismatches. This unique feature enables rapid analysis of polymorphisms in genetics, clinical chemistry, forensic analysis, pharmacology and other research fields.


When using external standards of known copy numbers, the LightCycler® Instruments will enable the exact determination of template amount. When working with plasmid standards, we recommend the use of dUracil-containing preparations to minimize the contamination risk. External custom standards are available from GenExpress GmbH, Berlin.