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Sintesi di acidi nucleici su richiesta

Dal 1990, produciamo primer e sonde di elevata qualità per l’impiego in Real-Time PCR, DNA arrays, FISH, immunostimolazione (CpG) ed altre applicazioni in biologia molecolare. Offriamo un’ampia gamma di modificazioni, fluorofori e LNA. I nostri siti di produzione a Berlino e Genova sono certificati ISO 9001 / ISO 13485.

BlackBerry Quencher – the universal dark quencher for all dyes used in TaqMan probes.

The oligonucleotide synthesis allows to make sequences from about six to far more than 100 nucleotides. The products can be contain diverse modificatons at both ends and also internally. The most important product variants are defined in the OligoShop, sorted after the main categories primers, TaqMan and hybridization probes, thioate oligomers and other modified products. Besides these pre-defined products we are able to make additional modified products. Please contact us by Email if you like to have other oligomers made by us.

The quality management of the Berlin operation is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, allowing us to produce primers and probes for the use in in-vitro diagnostics and oher medical devices.

ISO 13485 Certificate