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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / Privacy Policy / Legal Terms

Privacy & Data Protection

Thank you for visiting our web site. We take the protection of Personal Data serious. We use the provided information exclusively to send requested information and for processing of orders, invoicing or any other purpose you have given consent to. We do not use Personal Data for sending newsletters or other kind of advertisement activities. You have the right to view, change or revoke any information you have provided at any time.

All information, in particular sequence information is treated confidential. Data transfer between our webpage and company server is encrypted. However, we can not exclude the very unlikely accession by a third party.

1. Personal Data - Overview

Personal Data are all data which could be used to identify a person. The following we explain how we use data which are connected to your visit of our web site.

TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor is responsable for the management of personal data. For contacts see the section Impressum or contact our data protection commissioner at: [email protected] 

How we get access to Personal Data ?
We get only Personal Data entered in the Contact Form or into the address section of the OligoShop system. There are no web-based database records stored for customers who do not register in the OligoShop system (single orders without registering). Technical data (browser, time of visit) are not stored.

How we use your Personal Data ?
We use Personal Data only to provide requested information and to process orders. Technical data are used for managing the website only. We do not track data for the analysis of users behaviour.

What are your rights regarding Personal Data ?
You have the right to view, change or revoke any information you have provided at any time. You have the right to request us to update or to delete data.

2. Mandatory Information

Analytical Tools
We only use strictly necessary cookies. We do not use Analytical Tools to track Personal Data. We do not track visits of our web site. We do not have outlinks to social media.

Information, Transfer of Data, Blocking and Erasing for Data
You have the right to get a copy of your data. You have the right to request us to update or to delete data.

Data Safety

We protect our web site and our internal computer systems against loss of data, damage, stealing or access through unauthorized persons, change or distribution. Company staff has no access to Personal Data stored in the OligoShop. Company staff working in sales is trained and instructed for handling customer data for managing orders only. Our web site uses a safe SSL connection, visible through in the address https:// (instead of ). The OligoShop database is encrypted.

Data Protection Commissioner
Please feel free to address any questions to our data protection commissioner at: [email protected] 

3. Data Collection

Website Visits
For every visit the computer system records the IP address, date and time, name of documents requested, the size if data transferred, the status, the browser, the operation system of the computer and the name of the internet provider.

A reference to indiviuals is normally not possible and is not intended. Data are recorded for security reasons only. Data a not used to track users behaviour.

Contact Form
If contacting us using our Contact Form we will store Personal Data only for the purpose to work on the request. We do not forward these data to third parties. Input of Personal Data in the form is based on your agreement (DSGVO Art. 6). You can recall your agreement any time, for example by sending us an email. We have the right to manage Personal Data for all time before we received the recall. We store Personal Data unless we are requested to delete them unless there are legal requirements to store data (accounting/tax, diagnostic products).

If clicking links to other sites you leave our web site. We do not transfer Personal Data to other sites. We are not responsible for the contents of other web sites and we do not take responsability of the management of Personal Data.

Email links
Underlined email addresses open your Email program in your computer and allow you to send us an email; email addresses with a hyperlink are not considered as an outlink.

Conclusion of an Order/Contract
An order is created as follows. The user may choose freely from the range of products and services offered; the user may change the content of the cart or empty it. By clicking the button “send order”, the user has created a binding purchase commitment regarding the content of the cart. A confirmation containing all the information pertaining to the order is sent, to the Email address the customer provided, shortly after. Shipping cost is calculated extra. This establishes a purchase order commitment.

Right of Cancellation
The cancellation rights for custom DNA synthesis are restricted, due to the fact that these products are manufactured according to customer specifications and specific needs. The customer may cancel an order without stating reasons, if production has not started yet.

The cancellation should be made in written form and over the phone. A cancellation or change of the order must be confirmed by TIB Molbiol via fax or Email to be effective. Mistakenly ordered products can only be cancelled if their production has not been initiated.

Customer Service, Warranty and Guaranty
The product warranty is according to legal regulations. Check the content of the package immediately upon receipt. Contact TIB Molbiol and report any irregularities immediately. Products have a limited guarantee period of six months. We accept complaints within two months of delivery due to the products limited suitability for storage.

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